Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend off the bike

I don't what it is and it doesn't really matter, be it sinus infection, allergies or a cold, but I have been miserable lately. I'd write it off to allergies, but I have inflated sinuses and a pounding headache. But the itchy eyes tell me it isn't just a sinus thingy. And I'm sure the sore throat and cough are secondary ailments caused by whatever is bothering me.

Anyway, this toxic soup of misery has made any plans I have made worthless. Friday consisted of going home and sneezing and watching Rocky and Bullwinkle's Season 1 Disk 1 from Netflix. That lasted about an hour -- the jokes are really corny and the music and animation get on your nerves after a while. I'm going to cancel the rest of season 2 and the other disks that have been ordered.

Saturday started out nasty but turned into a nice enough day, but I just didn't have any steam for the HC ride. If you can't breathe, bicycling loses some of its charm. After the sun came out, we cleaned up the yard. Because, if you have allergies, molding leaves, decayed plant matter and dust are just what you need to set you right. Felt even crappier after that (but not as crappy as I thought I'd feel) and missed the blessing of the Maibock at Town Hall. Grilled a chicken instead and consoled myself with a pint or two out of a growler and went to bed early.

Sunday found me feeling better, so we went to hike and sightsee along the Minnesota River Valley. We took a nice drive to Fort Ridgely State Park and hiked there. Like the other parks along the river, this started out higher (it was a fort after all) and then took you down into the valley where a creek and the Minnesota River meet. A very nice 2.5 miler that was made even nicer by the gorgeous weather. We then followed the river back to the cities, stopping in St. Peter at the Co-op for lunch. We also got a stamp at Minnesota Valley where we hiked a year ago, but never found the mark for our "Passport."

Driving back up 169 was really unpleasant. After a day of country roads and no traffic, the speed, rudeness and general mayhem that is a freeway really jangles the nerves. I spent the day driving the speed limit, and in the Honda that means I get absolutely wonderful gas mileage. The 75 mph, bumper to bumper while completely surrounded by deepest, darkest suburbia's most repulsively titanic SUVs is not a good way to end a day. Well, I sorta can guess what the little furry mammal felt like, scurrying around the feet of the giant reptiles as the snow started to fall...

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