Thursday, May 01, 2008

KSTP - Busted!

Their fearmongering may backfire.

Assholes. Aren't there any immigrants or cripples you can go and pick on?


the old bag said...

I loathe KSTP and have since their shake-up of years ago when they brought in Cyndy Brucato and began sensationalizing their "news"'s hard to believe people still watch them. I can't imagine they've got any credibility.

The National Enquirer may be hiring....

Beast1624 said...

But...60/40...that's almost 50/50, isn't it?

It's like I've said to motorists who take me to task on the rare occasions where I cheat ahead at a stop sign or traffic light: first-like you bastards REALLY follow the law; second-it's self preservation to try to get ahead of the crazy's in cars.

And for drivers like the woman who could barely fit behind the wheel of her '68 Buick Electra and shouted out the window for me to "get on the damn sidewalk where you belong": sidewalks are for walking, you fat bitch!