Saturday, September 11, 2010

The streets are paved with AWESOME!

(This image was stolen from Rigtenzen, and I give him posthumous credit.  He may not be dead, I don't know, but this is his...)

I've just stopped flinching on the last turn to my home on the ride from work. The fine folks at the Minneapolis Public Works recently milled off some of the streets and then paved them over with brand new tarmac.

OOHHHH that's gonna be nice.

There were a couple of bicyclist-crippling potholes in my path and I've finally stopped having to adjust my line and panic when I don't immediately see them. Thank you to all of the fine folks that made things happier for me!

It's funny how used one gets to a small tic to avoid a larger unpleasantness, anticipating the bad street, the well-known pot hole, the traffic one expects when coming to a familiar street.  It's nice lose one once in a while.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sweet video

From my buddy Lee:

Of course, I have neither the sweet old ride, the hair nor the style. I don't care, I feel the same regardless...

[Edit] Nor the video either.  Sorry for the bother.

[Edit the second] Fuck Vimeo. Praise Youtube. Video restored.