Friday, September 28, 2007


Natural state for me. Hard to be a cheerful curmudgeon. Actually, I'm not a curmudgeon, but I'm working my way up the curmudgeon ladder -- I've leapfrogged Ornery Cuss and Grump and now I'm at Crabby Old Man. Don't even know why, though I'm pretty sure it isn't the change of seasons. I like fall.

Haven't been riding much -- that's probably part of it. Without the exercise I feel fat. I've never felt fat before. I've always been fat, but I never really felt that way before. Sorta how a fish doesn't really feel water.

The tubes on the Bleriot have slow leaks on them. I've little experience with Presta valves, so I don't know if it's something that just needs adjusting, or this is their normal state, or they've both been blessed with leaks. I'll get up in the morning, see the tires are low and say "screw it" and not bother riding. I'm grumpy and this doesn't help.

The cool nights have all the critters vying for bed space and Mrs Yam gathering as much comforter and she can hold and everybody doing their level best to sleep on top of me, the warmest thing there. This makes for cramped sleeping should I even manage to succeed. So, not only grumpy, but tired -- not something that stokes the fires of riding desire either.

We're getting ready to remodel the bathroom (we've really only one) and our original plans were to take our vacation while this was happening since living at home without it would be less than pleasant, but things have gone all pear-shaped at Mrs. Yam's office and leaving on vacation during these trying times isn't looking good. So, no hope of a vacation dampens my spirits.

Well, there's always the Autumn Brew Review. But there are no tickets to be had. I especially took that day off from the liquor store to go, but I waited too long to get a ticket. Strike 4.

So, instead of "sampling" craft beer, I'll pump up the tires and accompany the Mrs. to The Cedar Cultural Centre and then ride around the city. But, it'll probably end up raining and I'll be stuck at home with a nervous dog and a couple of bitchy cats.

I guess I could always go into the office...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My first bleg

Does anyone have a spare ticket to the Autumn Brew Review?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Evil Genius

So, Pinchy is dissin' Triathalon bikes, recumbants and folding bikes all in one post. Normally, I don't knock anyone for riding, but the picture Pinchy puts up is sorta disturbing and I have to fire back.

In the comments, I mention my evil genius and now I get to prove it with my Mad Photoshop Skillz (Gimp Skillz, whatevah). Behold, the bike that makes the baby Pinchy cry:

The folding triathalon recumbant! Or the triathlete's recumbant folding bike! Or a folding recumbant tri-bike...

Click image for my evil genius as actual size. Bwahahaha...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And Castaway makes... 7?

Egads, Mrs. Yam counted the bikes in the garage and claimed there were seven. Seven? That's nuts, who'd have seven bikes? There's only two of us, we can't have seven, can we?
  1. Bianchi Backstreet (1990?) - bent frame. It was on my roof rack when garaged it a decade ago and haven't been able to figure out what to do with it. The down tube is bent just past the head tube lug and I don't know if it can be repaired or, if it can, is it worth it?
  2. Gitane Grand Sport Deluxe (197?) - my buddy was throwing it out and I took it. I'm not sure why after looking into what it would take to turn it into something usable. Perhaps I could use it as one of Matt's gravity traps...
  3. Raleigh Sport (1988?) - Castaway found and cleaned up. Runs great
  4. Rivendell Bike Works Bleriot (2007) - my "good" bike
  5. Specialized Crossroads (1999) - Mrs Yam's commuter and general all-rounder
  6. Specialized Expedition Elite (1999) - my "junk" bike. I have to rebuild the wheel
  7. Specialized Sirrus (1995?)- Mrs Yam's other bike, resurrected from the basement this year so that I could ride while the Expo's wheel was getting rebuilt. Thanks to Jamie for the hint on how to clean up the shifter/brake lever (I refuse to use the term brifter).
Yup, seems like seven to me. Two currently out of service, one forever, one when I decided I need to learn how to build a wheel (which better be soon, I don't really want to ride the Bleriot in the snow).

Is this healthy? Does it become an obsession after 2? 5? 12?

Monday, September 10, 2007

New addition to the stable

On Saturday, my darlin' bride and I were heading through the neighborhood on our way somewhere when we came across a women's Raleigh 3 Speed Sport leaning up against a tree with a "FREE" sign on it. Mrs Yam, the loving and knowledgeable lady that she is, asks if we should stop.

Of course we should stop.

I'm glad we did. It looks to be a fairly recent Taiwanese model, with a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed and coaster brake. It also has a vinyl seat and large, rectangular reflector on the back fender. I'm researching a more exact age, but I'm guessing it's early 80's. It is in pretty good condition, too. It was just covered in dust, handle bars a bit askew and the tires needed some air. Last night I pumped her up, straightened out the bars and took her for a test ride. I forgot what a giggle it was to ride something like this. It's small and I'm not sure if raising the seat will be enough, but what a ride. This thing feels like a Cadillac -- smooth and heavy. The shifter needs some work -- it doesn't seem to be changing gears -- so this should be an interesting challenge as I've never adjusted a 3 speed before.

I've managed to take some pictures of the Bleriot and I'll post them and some pics of the Castaway in case can help me get a more accurate age on it.