Monday, September 10, 2007

New addition to the stable

On Saturday, my darlin' bride and I were heading through the neighborhood on our way somewhere when we came across a women's Raleigh 3 Speed Sport leaning up against a tree with a "FREE" sign on it. Mrs Yam, the loving and knowledgeable lady that she is, asks if we should stop.

Of course we should stop.

I'm glad we did. It looks to be a fairly recent Taiwanese model, with a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed and coaster brake. It also has a vinyl seat and large, rectangular reflector on the back fender. I'm researching a more exact age, but I'm guessing it's early 80's. It is in pretty good condition, too. It was just covered in dust, handle bars a bit askew and the tires needed some air. Last night I pumped her up, straightened out the bars and took her for a test ride. I forgot what a giggle it was to ride something like this. It's small and I'm not sure if raising the seat will be enough, but what a ride. This thing feels like a Cadillac -- smooth and heavy. The shifter needs some work -- it doesn't seem to be changing gears -- so this should be an interesting challenge as I've never adjusted a 3 speed before.

I've managed to take some pictures of the Bleriot and I'll post them and some pics of the Castaway in case can help me get a more accurate age on it.

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