Friday, September 28, 2007


Natural state for me. Hard to be a cheerful curmudgeon. Actually, I'm not a curmudgeon, but I'm working my way up the curmudgeon ladder -- I've leapfrogged Ornery Cuss and Grump and now I'm at Crabby Old Man. Don't even know why, though I'm pretty sure it isn't the change of seasons. I like fall.

Haven't been riding much -- that's probably part of it. Without the exercise I feel fat. I've never felt fat before. I've always been fat, but I never really felt that way before. Sorta how a fish doesn't really feel water.

The tubes on the Bleriot have slow leaks on them. I've little experience with Presta valves, so I don't know if it's something that just needs adjusting, or this is their normal state, or they've both been blessed with leaks. I'll get up in the morning, see the tires are low and say "screw it" and not bother riding. I'm grumpy and this doesn't help.

The cool nights have all the critters vying for bed space and Mrs Yam gathering as much comforter and she can hold and everybody doing their level best to sleep on top of me, the warmest thing there. This makes for cramped sleeping should I even manage to succeed. So, not only grumpy, but tired -- not something that stokes the fires of riding desire either.

We're getting ready to remodel the bathroom (we've really only one) and our original plans were to take our vacation while this was happening since living at home without it would be less than pleasant, but things have gone all pear-shaped at Mrs. Yam's office and leaving on vacation during these trying times isn't looking good. So, no hope of a vacation dampens my spirits.

Well, there's always the Autumn Brew Review. But there are no tickets to be had. I especially took that day off from the liquor store to go, but I waited too long to get a ticket. Strike 4.

So, instead of "sampling" craft beer, I'll pump up the tires and accompany the Mrs. to The Cedar Cultural Centre and then ride around the city. But, it'll probably end up raining and I'll be stuck at home with a nervous dog and a couple of bitchy cats.

I guess I could always go into the office...


rigtenzin said...

Sorry to hear, but you have a serious case of the grumps. Go watch my neighbor mow his yard three different directions in the same day and then you'll be very happy that you're not him.

the old bag said...

Hey, I have one of those neighbors, and he keeps me chuckling and happy!

I hear you about the cooler nights, commandeering blankets and all the critters wanting in on the warmth. Sleep has been a bit elusive for me recently as well...crabby is something I know well these days.