Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy customer

I've been biking almost constantly and I have a Banjo Brothers messenger bag as my glove box, trunk, back seat and front floor. It's been a companion pretty much since I've bought it and when it broke, I was heartbroken. Contacting the Banjos service department consisted of getting one of the Brothers themselves. "Mail it to this address and we'll fix it for you" was the reply. Since "this address" was on my way to Town Hall, I attempted to drop it off last Wednesday, but I was there after 5 PM and everyone was gone. I then stopped by yesterday and the fine folks at their warehouse made sure that one of the Banjos got it.

This morning I received an email that said that they fixed the strap and that they added a feature -- a D-ring to ease loosening the main strap. Nice touch. He then asked where to mail it, but when he found out that we're damn near neighbors, he said he'd drop it off at my house. Now, that's service. When I got home from work, my beloved bag was there, right as rain and there was a prize inside! I'm now an owner of a brand new medium seat bag. Now me darlin' Mrs has two Market Panniers and I have convinced my coworker to purchase one also (heck, I'll probably get a pair), so I was already a Banjo Bros. fan, but now after the service I received I guess I'm a, uh, super fan. Cleverly designed, well-built and now with a service that can't be beat.

They don't have the have the name like Crumpler or Chrome, but they don't have the price either. Plus, the designs are well thought out and eminently practical. If you are considering a new bag, you could do worse than check out the Banjos.

Thanks Eric and Co. You guys rock.


The donut guy said...

I agree 100%.

I have one of their messenger bags and I love it. I don't always use it on the bike, it comes in handy for all kinds of stuff.

Same goes for their insulated backpack.

Fat Lad said...

This is what I love about blogging and the internet. Never heard of banjo brothers before. I've a road bike now, commuting to work and was looking for a good bag.

Suffice to say I'll be looking into these guys now even here in old blighty

Fat Lad

Jim Thill said...

We sell lotsa Banjo Bros messenger bags and other products. Not many returns (aside from one guy who I suspect returns things for sport), but when it happens, those guys never fail to come through.