Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bikin' to da bar (beer induced bonk edition)

Yesterday was a near-perfect day for biking. Cool, clear skies, the scent of re-emerging life, cheerful people on the roads as if there were some cease-fire called between the cyclists and the cagers, a wonderful day. Except for the freakin' headwind. A spirit-grinding, consistent curse for those heading north -- like me, your humble narrator. I left work and headed into it with a coworker who also commutes by bike and neither of us were pleased.

But, so it goes.

I stopped at a warehouse to see if I could drop off my Banjo Brothers bag. I blew the strap anchor and emailed their warranty department which apparently consists of the owners themselves. I received an email back from Eric saying to mail it in and they'll take care of it but I noticed that the address is right off of the Greenway by Hiawatha. How convenient is that? Unfortunately, I was unable to get there in time and no one was there, so
I struggled my way to 7 corners and Town Hall and started my evening off with a pint of their new Maibock. Nice, malty brew with a hoppy snap on the finish.

I didn't eat much breakfast as I wasn't hungry and I didn't eat much lunch, so why should I eat dinner? Beer is as good as bread, innit? Well, the beer and the fatigue from pushing against the wind put the zap on me and I found myself too bonked to ride home. Beers+bonk is a bad combination, kids. So, with hung head I called for a ride. Mrs Yam, ever the patient and loving savior, swooped in and carried me and bike home where I ate a little and then crashed completely.


Beast1624 said...

Beer bonks rock!

bother yam said...

Dude, I wish they did. Fat-igue (belly boy that I am), no sleep and no eats == bad night.

I'm blessed to have me darlin' Mrs. Rescued my plump posterior, she did...