Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bikin' to da Bar (Bike to work day radio mix)


Oh, others were trying it? Good for them. We had two occasionals and a newbie. Newbie rode in on a LeMond Zurich he bought used. $800 -- yow. Where can I find a deal like that?

Biked to Town Hall after work in the most splendiferous of days we've had this year. Fought a headwind (surprise!) but I didn't mind. I felt strong and made most of the lights on the way up Park. The Greenway was SRO with every kind of bike you could imagine and a one you probably didn't. Some Dude was cruisin' east with a cruiser with apehangers and Maltese Cross rear view mirrors, multiple horns and bells and a trailer with his cat in it. Don't see that every day. Chatted with him and as I left was serenaded with a blast of horns and bells. A one-man-band-cycle...

Lots of bikes around Seven Corners tonight and everyone was in a good mood -- cars, buses, bikes, bladers, etc. Rode home in the gloaming back along the Greenway to Nicollet.

It's a good day to be in Minneapolis.

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