Friday, September 12, 2008


I purchased two Surly front racks for the Green Goddess and the Dumvee. I got the rack on Mrs' LHT without incident, but the disk brake on the Dummy made for a classic effort in frustration.

I first ended up having to cut the brake side offset sliding plate to get it to fit (and these parts are aluminum -- they're stainless freakin' steel) and then attempt to get it centered and with enough room for a fender underneath. I got it on, but it was a case of either I could have a rack or a front brake, but not both. I was hoping to have this done in time for a bike camping expedition this weekend, but between a lot of after-hours work, an allergy attack that ruined the little sleep I was able to rustle up and a bunch personal things that needed to be taken care of also, I bailed and dropped it off with the resident mechanical genius at Hiawatha, Mark.

We're driving to the campground, but that's okay. I'm in such a foul mood right now, I probably wouldn't make it very far by bike anyway. The rain has taken some of whatever-the-hell-it-was-that-was-making-my-life-miserable out of the air, but I'm still so tired I can hardly see. I just want beers and to stare into a fire and not talk or do anything with anything that needs electricity.



Beast1624 said...

To quote my buddy Homer: "!"

or "'s not just for breakfast anymore!"

Bujiatang said...

When our van died I didn't feel any better about things till the next monday when I could have a beer with lunch.

Something about having a beer with lunch really is relaxing and decadent.

What worries me is that I have just admitted to some sort of American taboo. "oooo- he likes to drink in the middle of the day." yes, but, A beer. But they don't listen. They are already shouting to their friends "hey look at this guy, he drinks beer during the day!"

and it disintegrates from there.

I mean to say is: enjoy your beer. To hell with the crap.

Snakebite said...

It seems there's something on the Surly site regarding putting a nice rack on Big Dummies. Maybe. Maybe I just was dreaming that.

bother yam said...

There was a flikr page showing how someone added a rack to a pre-production Dummy and I got the idea to cut the support down to fit the brake from that.

All I can do is guess that I mismeasured or something.