Friday, September 05, 2008

Linky love

If you are a reader and you are not represented in the list on the right and have a desire for some hot link action, please leave a comment and your URL and I'll add you to the list. Recent mods were the addition of Snakepants (as dubbed by da Lunatic, hisself) and Wheeldancer. I've removed Dave Moulton's blog as he feels he's run out of things to say. Jim has too, but his link is preserved as the blogs listed there tend to be quite interesting.


rlove said...

I have been reading a while, but do not know if I would be someone you would want to add. Have a look. Been at this since June.

Beast1624 said...

I don't post near as much about cycling as I should but it remains one of my main passions. Would love to be listed here:

bother yam said...

You've both been added.

RLove - as a born in Wisconsin lad meself, a 'sconny biker is always welcome.

Beast - you write what you write. You ride what you ride, but you've been around a while and I'm happy to add you whether it be bikes or decks.

WheelDancer said...

Hey thanks brother yam, much appreciated. Perhaps I'll even get back to some bike posting!

Fat Lad said...

Always up for some linking love:

Fat Lad

Bujiatang said...

My blog is intermittent, erratic, poorly edited and hell on slow modems.

But I'd love a link.