Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bikin' to da bar (Good Samaritan mix)

Autumn has arrived here in the Twin Cities and it is as wonderful as always. Today's journey to Tippy's Town Tavern (as a co-worker calls it) found me wandering up the Greenway only to pass a fellow that was pedaling slowly and with an obvious clicking sound. I stopped to ask if he was OK and found out that he had recently changed a tire and didn't have a wrench to to tighten down his rear tire. He needed to have 15mm wrench to finish the job and, as luck would have it, I had said 15mm wrench -- it is needed on the Dumvee. We pulled his chain taught, straightened the wheel and tightened the bolts and sent him on his way with the stern admonition to spend the three dollars and carry a 15mm wrench and a patch kit.

I know this because I was caught in the rain without one and I'm a friggin' expert now.

I had beers and went home under a cloudless sky without incident. What a beautiful night to ride. Again, I love this time of year.

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WheelDancer said...

Good for you!

Someday I will ride the bike trails with a fresh bottle of chain lube and a stack of rags. Bike maintenance is really smaller than folks seem to think as they limp along with problems that would take less time to fix than it would take to explain them.