Friday, April 18, 2008



Dump truck blocking my street

Dad and kids waiting for the bus

The bus

Driver waves me through intersection

Perfectly timed green light

3 waiting for the city bus

Bike commuter doesn't respond to "Good Morning" -- jerk

Run the STOP sign (times three)

Look at the flags pointing the way to work -- thanks!

Someone gets bacon this morning

Kids screaming happily in the park

Another perfectly timed green light

Swoop downhill

Bash uphill

Swoop down the other side.

See another bike commuter -- too far ahead to say anything

Couple raking leaves -- he makes very pregnant wife carry the bag

Good, fresh tar road -- no road noise

Wave at mom and daughter walking along the street

Wait for wad of traffic to pass

Pass the wad of traffic stopped at light

Big left into the parking lot

Stare at the big crane taking something off of the office building roof

Go inside to work

Good day to ride.

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Me said...

Like reading Walt Whitman...

...only different.