Monday, April 28, 2008

Another addition to the stable

Finally tuned up and shoed the third bike, a late 90s Specialized Expedition Elite. My goodness, it's a tiny bike compared to the couple I've been riding lately. It feels like a BMX and I'm not used to the geometry any more -- I spent a lot of the commute adjusting the saddle and trying to find a comfortable position.

One nice thing is that it's really quiet. I put on a new pair of Ritchey Tom Slicks on it and there is no rolling noise at all. It was kinda fun to sneak up on people walking their dogs and watch them jump as I passed. No that I was close, they just didn't have any idea that I was there.

As quiet as it is, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this bike; I don't think it's sturdy enough to be a full-fledged mountain bike and it's too small to be ridden any distance, but I've got fenders and a good rack on it, so I may use it as a commuter in crappy weather and a grocery-getter.

Has anyone ridden one of these off road? Am I wrong to assume it couldn't be a MTB? I may sell it if I can't find a use/get comfortable on it.


The donut guy said...

My wife has one (I think we bought it in 2002) she doesn't ride it much, but I've taken it on some moderate stuff. The wheelset ain't gonna hold up to very much abuse.

bother yam said...

I've alread replaced the wheelset. You're right -- it couldn't even handle me riding to work on it.

Thanks for the hint...

Jim Thill said...

I think there's a lifetime guarantee on the frame.