Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bikin' to da bar (I could've biked all night edition)

Rode from work to Town Hall on an absolutely gorgeous evening. The wind decided to be nice and come from the south-southwest and it was quite a pleasant change from last week's against the wind there, against the wind back ride.

I typically ride up Oakland instead of Park since the lights are timed for cars and I usually manage to hit every red light along the way, making Park a less than desirable route. Oakland has stop signs every block, but who cares? This time, with the wind at my back I flew along quite nicely up to the Greenway and to Seven Corners. I feel that my legs and lungs are getting better because I felt strong on hills as well as the flats.

Tipped some nice beers; they've the Dortmunder back on full time, their Patio Pale Ale is nice but it's designed for the masses (aka Bud and Miller drinkers), and one of my faves is back on -- Broken Paddle ESB. So, a good ride on a nice day and to be greeted by new, yummy beers. What a day.

Me darlin' Mrs was at a board meeting on the West Bank and when that ended she and the other members stopped for drinks at the new Acadia. I joined her there and then we biked home. My goodness, what an evening. The wind shifted so now it was coming from the north, the sky was clear and the temp was just perfect. We went down the Light Rail trail to the Greenway to Nicollet. Actually it dumps you out behind the K-Mart near Blaisdell. Mrs Yam is getting stronger too since she complained that we could go faster if I held my line. She actually said "hold your line."

Wow. I love that lady.

Now, in my defense I was avoiding potholes and dorking around since I'm used to the old Mrs Yam that isn't as fast as the new Mrs Yam. Once I learned the errors of my ways, we sped home quite nicely. The conditions were such that we could have spun all night. What a good day, good beers, good rides and my sweetie by my side. I was in love with everything that Minneapolis had to offer last night. I hope there are more nights like that...

Hopefully, y'all have a night like that too.

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