Friday, October 23, 2009

Footwear question

It's been cool and rainy here and I have my clothing pretty much dialed in except for the footwear. Currently I'm using Merrill hiking shoes which are water-resistentish and wool socks. They soak through fairly quickly, but it's not a big deal with the socks, at least above 40F (4C). Now it's below that and my feet are getting cold.

What to y'all use to cover your feet in this weather?


KM said...

Condoms. Or North Face Pac Boots.

Heath said...

My new idea, as yet untried, is to wear an old pair of XC ski boots. They are completely waterproof and add warmth.
I'm relying on the fact that they were designed for active use.

The toe bar in front might look a little geeky, but, one fat boy biker to another, it won't be the bottle-neck of our cool. If you know what I mean.

I'll do a blog post on this.

Pete said...

Last winter I rode in an ordinary pair of hiking boots all winter, with a couple pair of wool socks underneath. Worked pretty well.

WheelDancer said...

I ride with Lake Winter MTB boots and I love these things. I get all the warmth I need and can ride clipped in all winter. I pretty much always wear wool socks and I toss in a heater pack and a pair of wool liner socks when it gets into the twenties and add neoprene boot covers to bring me down below zero. I've ridden them for around an hour in a steady rain and my feet were the only dry part of my entire body when I got home. Yes they are spendy but less than a single car payment from back in the days I had one of those so I consider them a great investment.

Snak Shak said...

In all the rain, I have taken to wearing some Bogs ankle-high waterproof boots. They have kept my feet warm and dry down to the mid 30's so far. When it's colder, I plan to wear my Columbia bugaboo boots. Those are good for just about everything below freezing from what I can tell.

Doug said...

For anything above thirty I wear my summer cycling shoes and wool socks. I take a dry pair to work for the ride home.

30 degrees down to about zero I wear Lake Winter MTB boots. Mine are 1.5 sizes larger than I would normally wear. I'll agree they are a great investment for all year cyclists.

Below zero I switch to platform pedals and Northface Lifty GTX 400's two sizes bigger than my normal shoe size. In extreme cold I may also use a combination of hand warmers in the toe box, or a Vapor Barrier, or Boot Glove neoprene downhill ski boot covers for windy conditions.

Snakebite said...

~"Them limey eyes
Were eying a prize
Some call
Manly footwear...."~

Cowboy boots.

Joboo said...

i've always used my Rockies (insulated winter boot) and big flats during the winter.
since i'll be getting a true winter ride this year (Pugsley), i may jump on the Lake Winter MTB boots bandwagon.



Tex69 said...

Cold: cheap-ass Target faux hikers with plenty of wool stuffed in.

rather Cold: cheap-ass Target faux hikers with nice Sealskinz sox stuffed in

Really Freakin' Cold: cheap-ass Target womens snow boots ($10) with some wool sox. Never been defeated with that combo

Sorry no clips. I actually have a pair of Sidi winters, but I'd ride the Target specials nine times out of 10, especially for commuting