Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm happy to be here

I was returning from beers at Town Hall, I decided to take the bridge to Cedar. As I was descending, I missed a turn and ended up literally sideways -- on my knee and the bike on its side. This is a "bad" part of town by common knowledge, but when I ended up ass-over-teakettle, there were a several people in cars and a couple walking by that inquired as to my well being.

I just ended up stopping faster than my load, and I'm fine and I state as much to every one around. I am grateful to all the inquired about me and I will say that I escaped with just a scraped knee and increased appreciation for my fellow citizens here in the Minne-Apple.

Life is really pretty good here in Portlandia East...


Joboo said...

The beer's aren't what made you over shoot your turn by chance??? ;) ;)
people will surprise you every now and then, either for the worse, or as in this case for the better!!!
Glad all ya got was a boo-boo on the knee!!
Peace, Joboo

rigtenzin said...

Let's see a photo of ripped flesh!

Pete said...