Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Neologism (perhaps)

As I was biking into work this fine day, fighting a hill and the wind, a lad of perhaps 10 or 12 years old was roaring down the hill with the wind at his back.  The exuberance with which he waved and the million candlepower grin on his face was enough to make me soar up the hill and ignore the wind for the rest of my short trip.

The joy expressed by that little guy made me think of a (possible) new word for commuting by bicycle:


The simple act of enjoying your trip.  You know, this:

not this:

Have a good ride..

Ed: I have failed to consult the great hive mind that is Teh Grate Gazoogal


Joboo said...

these days i feel like the kid you are talking about!!!
damn i love my Pug!!! :)
Long live the two wheeled human powered thing we a bike!!!!

Peace, Joboo

WheelDancer said...

Sweet. I also enjoyed the smiling faces of those benefiting from the wind that has been trying to tear my legs off.