Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye, Melon Man

A tear-streaked Mrs. Yam woke me last night to tell me, "Tim the melon guy died!" You see, Tim was a marvelously generous man, a consummate salesman, a caring farmer and a really decent guy. We learned much from him about gardening over the years and we've been absolutely spoiled by his melons.

These were not the hard, tasteless balls of water you get at a grocery store, but a collection of melons from around the world; varying in color, shape, texture, smell and taste in ways unimaginable before we crossed paths. Each variety so vastly different from the other that they almost seemed to be completely different fruits. A fruit so enticing and refreshing that it was nearly the only thing that keeps the Darlin' Mrs and me going throughout August's sweltering days.

We've purchased tomato and pepper plants and were thoroughly lectured on how to plant them and when to trim the leaves. His business in Belle Plaine seemed really busy on the days we'd load up the car with flats of everything from cuckes to "3 Pot" peppers. Running around those busy weekends, he still always had time to stuff a couple of new peppers onto our cart and, with a wink, say how much we'll love these.

The Farmers' Market won't be the same without you, Melon Man. My love and sympathy to Lori and kids. I hope you can keep it together...


Anonymous said...

I also loved talking to Tim and getting all the goodies. It was truly a wild adventure at his Belle Plain shop because you never knew what you would end up coming home with but you always knew it would be great. We'd all be much better off if there were more people like him. My thoughts are with his family.

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