Friday, January 09, 2009

Dear Mr. Soucheray

[I did not link to the article that I am rebutting as I do not wish to give him any more traffic. It seems that a favorite trick of "journalists" is to write some screed against bicyclists and let the "Yeah, I hate 'em too" crowd spew the same arguments that were just written and send we bikers into a frenzy. You can find it easily enough if you need to read it.]

I won't even pretend that what I say will reach you, you a man that measures manliness by the number of cylinders you own, whose own radio show is called "Garage Logic." Your column is yet another small-minded attack on those who ride their bikes in the winter, complete with the tight pants and jersey insult that seems to be mandatory in columns such as yours. A column that purports to compare our "work ethic" with "rural mail carriers, cowboys and Alaskan fishermen in small boats" and then goes on to call us morons, struggling to "try to keep the machine upright in the worst of all possible conditions." He then passes on a conversation with another news personality about how Reusse would run over a biker if they fell down in front of him and "squash them like a bug."

Mr. Soucheray, your and Reusse's thinking isn't out of the norm, it's something I deal with. You see, I'm one of those "morons" in a "snowmobile suit" riding in "all possible conditions." I hear the hatred you and your fellow motorists have for us expressed often, hatred that seems based on nothing more than brightly colored jerseys and the fact that we are on the roads "in all possible conditions." Why do you hate bicyclists? You claim that you've made peace with two-wheelers, but I doubt that. Your column betrays your prejudice by its very tone and fact that your "peace" still allows you call names.

Why the hatred? Do you believe that you as a motorist have the right to smooth and happy motoring without the unpleasantness of delay. It seems that you and others believe that once in your car, you should have a clear path to your destination and anything that deters that causes you and yours to become peevish and angry. Is your anger more than just with bicyclists and the fact that ANYTHING that stops your forward progress (e.g., bikes, pedestrians, construction, even other drivers) should be taken from in front of you?

Why the hatred? Because you are stopped from using roads by bicyclists whose numbers are diminished? We've gone from innumerable hordes to just enough to keep you from the streets? Or is it because you've been inconvenienced by someone on a bike, someone who has the temerity to actually use the same road as you, AT THE SAME TIME! Someone who has made you drive slowly when you should have the freedom to go anywhere, at any time, at any speed that you wish. To have unimpeded access to every road. They DARE to be in front of you? They're slow and THEY'RE IN FRONT OF YOU! This is the crime?

A crime punishable by death, it appears.

You and Reusse think that you can be judge, jury and executioner because someone rode their bike slowly in front of you. Your only duty is notify the garbageman to come and get the body. Is that it?

Mr Soucheray, people already act like you -- the only difference is that they are slightly more cowardly in that they just leave dead or maimed bicyclists by the side of the road and drive off without the benefit of a phone call to the clean-up detail. You see, bicyclists have been killed by motorists quite often as of late, and they didn't even fall off in front of the car. Four bicyclists were killed this past summer, by drivers as inconvenienced as you and Reusse.

Again I ask, why the hatred? Is it really because someone is on your road and they're not going fast enough? Are you in that much of a hurry or do you just feel that you're entitled to clear roads all of the time? Are bikes some toy that should be discarded when one gets a driver's license? Or is it like the preacher or Senator that rails for anti-gay legislation because they hate what they are deep down? Do you want to ride your bike?

I don't understand you, either. I don't judge my toughness by how much gasoline I use. I don't think that nature is better from the back of some noisy, stinking petrol-powered monstrosity. I can get around on my own, without the help of climate-controlled comfort. My organs work well enough to get me where I want without assistance and I am able to stand biking not only in worst of all possible conditions, but when it's nice too. Do you see us out there and wish you could do that?

You can, you know.

You sadden me. I expect someone with your bully pulpit to be more thoughtful, but then again, I don't measure my manliness by my cylinder count (4 - one car) or the size of my garage. I wonder how many bicyclists have kept you off the roads or if it is really just a notion that you've been sold, the notion of Happy Motoring. There is no such thing and it's not because of the bicyclists.


iMotor said...

"Your only duty is notify the garbageman to come and get the body. Is that it?"

The garbageman slowed me down the other day on my commute...Maybe Mr. Soucheray can can run them down too.

rlove said...

Sounds like a full fledged member of NMTOA...Narrow Minded Thinkers of America

WheelDancer said...

Well said! Mr. Soucheray falls into the class of people that can't think independently resulting in a deep-seated insecurity when confronted by someone who has made a different choice. As humans we all enjoy a sense of community and seek it out but only some of us understand that it's only through diversity that our choices are validated. If everyone does exactly the same thing, there is no chance for progress and Mr. Soucheray wouldn't have his large cylinder count to bolster his ego because the same attitudes he presents were inflicted upon the up and coming motoring class by the then entrenched horse-driven masses. he bites the very hand that has fed him and to him I respond, bite me!

Beast1624 said...

Preach on, Brother Yam. I'm with you...why such venom and where does it stop? Does it apply to pedestrians that they have to wait on to cross the street? What about they person in the next car with a political bumper sticker they don't agree with? because that's where they are taking this: if you don't agree me you don't deserve to live.

Maybe Mr Coucheray or Mr Reusse would like to meet us out back, sans cars, to talk things over on equal ground...but then again with the cowardice they have shown I don't think they would be interested in receiving a king size ass whuppin'. Besides, that would be stooping to their level.

What can we expect from narrow minded c--k suckers such as they?

Bujiatang said...

well, his car is his way of compensating for more than a penis. They can't ride during the winter so they are only manly enough to mock people who can.

The way the last year was for cyclist deaths, why didn't he start off with some Holocaust jokes to warm up the crowd.