Monday, October 27, 2008

Election time (part the first)

You've got a week, so study up. As I walk the dog around the neighborhood, I see signs for races I haven't considered. You know the ones, the judges and water conservation district managers and school board races that you just sorta fly through after the fun for voting for all the really important stuff.

In an attempt to change, I decided to better edumacate myself and at least look at the candidates. Perhaps put a face or policy to a name on a sign.

Hennepin county residents can go here to find where your polling place and see a sample ballot. Ramsey county residents can go here.

Tonight's edition of "Who the Heck Are These Folks Anyway?" brings us to the judges that are running. Minnesota Lawyer magazine has a nice page that shows all the judges running. Look at the resumes and opinions and go in with some semblance of knowledge.

Tomorrow night I will be looking at the Soil and Water Conservation Managers. I'll list what I can find. Right now, the cold medicine is kicking in and it's time for beddy-bye...

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rigtenzin said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to study about the candidates for lesser offices.