Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biking to da bar - big dumb edition

Beautiful autumn day and a great day to bike. I took the long way from work to Town Hall and savored the changing leaves, the pale blue sky and the cool breeze off of the lakes. Had beers and walked out to unleash the Dumvee only to find out she a litter of dumblets. There were four Big Dummies chained to the tree next to mine! When I realized my bike didn't give birth, I went back in and found a bunch of guys from Bicycle Chain bike shop had ridden their fleet from Roseville.

Shook hands and chatted a bit about selling cars and riding a Dummy for all of your personal transportation needs. I then said good bye and promised to stop by their shop, mounted my green steed and headed home to me darlin' Mrs.

Also, did anyone see Letterman last night? Boy, is he pissed that McCain blew him off to get on Couric's show. He was rippin' the ol' flyboy a new one all night last night. Wrong guy to anger there Johnny Drama.

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