Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No grail, but...

We've done it. We've visited all State Parks and State Recreation Areas in Minnesota (except for Garden Island -- that's 15 miles into Lake of the Woods and I don't have a boat). More later -- I'm still cleaning up and I want to enjoy my next couple of days from work.


Red River SRA - meh. But, it is a work in progress.
Old Mill - sweet little park. We'll be back.
Lake Bronson - okay
Hayes Lake - okay
Zippel Bay - I've never seen LotW before and this is a nice park. We'll be back.
Franz Jevne - hated it, don't go (wink-wink, really just to keep this to myself and not have it spoiled by hoards of people)

A night in Bear Head Lake and the last night in the campground in Grand Marais. Many miles, many sights, many thoughts to sort.


Doug said...

That's quite the accomplishment!! If you've ever had an inkling to write, it would make an interesting travel book.

the old bag said...

Hey, very cool. We camped last weekend for the first time in years and decided we need to go more often.

Bujiatang said...

There is an awesome Park in Canada just a few gross miles east of Painted Rock State Park.

If that answer makes any sense you'll know why I don't want thegoogle picking it up. it would also be ruined. but highly recommended.