Monday, August 11, 2008

A Nation of Scaredy-cats

Oh, fer cryin' out loud, will ya look at this.

Organizers for the Democratic National Convention and party leaders have touted the official greenness of the upcoming convention in Denver, including everything from biodiesel buses and recyclable materials to carbon counting.

But in the rush to secure everything green -— even setting up a “hybrid-only parking lot” at the Pepsi Center -— it seems one simple and fairly obvious LEED-certified step was overlooked: Installing bike racks.

Indeed, there will be no bikes allowed within the DNC perimeter of the Pepsi Center, nor at Invesco Field, where Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech, DNCC organizers confirmed this week.

Repeatedly citing the Secret Service and the Denver Police Department as making all security-related mandates, including not allowing delegates, volunteers and gathered media to park a bike within the convention perimeter, organizers said not accommodating leg-powered transportation is the exception to the rule when talking about the true greenness of the event.

But you can pull up to the venue in a SUV, no doubt.

Fuck them.


Tex69 said...

In the words of John McEnroe, "You cannot be SERIOUS!". I won't be there, but if I were, a sign of protest would ensue.

Beast1624 said...

Discrimination against cyclists is rampant in our society...

midway cyclist said...

Even a Big Dummy can't carry as many explosives as a Prius.