Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Mrs. vs. the Hummer

(C'mon, clean it up, guys... I mean the SUV/Land Yacht)

So Autumn has fallen up on Minnesota with a vengeance. Sunday was 85 and humid and Monday was rainy and about 55-60 degrees. Yesterday was windy, windy, windy with 30mph northerly gusts and I don't think it cleared 50 degrees. Nice weather for bikin'.

Mrs. Yam described biking home -- into the cold North wind with dust and grit flying and falling temps. She stops at a light along Nicollet and Hummer pulls along side. She imagined them looking down on her, this crazy old lady biking in this weather. I said that the driver is both stupid and weak -- unable to brave the elements in their giant, climate-controlled gas-guzzler and don't you concern yourself with them.

Rock on, baby. Rock on...

That's me Mrs.

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the old bag said...

Hopefully our weather will turn from this monsoon we're in the midst of (85 one day, RAINRAINRAIN the next).

Good for Mrs. Yam gettin' out there.