Sunday, October 07, 2007

And then there were six

The Raleigh has found a new home and a new rider. My next door neighbor is about 17 and she doesn't have any mode of transportation. Not a good situation. So I gave her the three-speed and a lock and key that I found at the liquor store and told her to use them in good health. I hope she uses it, but she needs to ride as she found a 30 block bike ride to school a formidable distance.

All in good time I suppose.

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1 comment:

Fritz said...

Good on you for sharing the love.

Some of my co-workers are amazed that my son (age 12) has the capability to go on 25 mile bike rides. "My boys complain about their hurting feet when I park too far away from the school / shopping mall / fast food restaurant" a couple of them have told me.