Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Quick hits...

  • Mama Yam's last remaining sibling passed away this weekend. Much consoling and traveling to do. It's heartbreaking to hear your mother say, "I'm the last one..."

  • Haven't been riding much, the new saddle and I are still getting to know one another, though when I drive to work, I carpool with the Mrs. Still doing what I can to keep Greenhouse Gas levels down. I don't know if it matters though according to this.

  • Saw Spamalot last weekend. I'm not a Musical guy, I prefer opera. But it was funny and the songs were sung just a bit too dramatically and the music is a just over the top enough to poke the entire Musical genre in the ribs. Much better than the last one I went to -- the horribly cliché Wicked. I suppose if you like Disney movie music it could be your thing. It's certainly not mine.

  • So the President is promising money and help for the 35W river bridge. Here's the rule when dealing with Dubya: don't listen to what he says, watch what he does. And remember New Orleans. Oh, we'll get help -- we're lily white Minnesota and the Republicans are having their convention here next year. Wouldn't want to have that come up during their love-fest, now would we?

  • I'll post pictures of the Bleriot when I find all the parts of the camera. I have a digital camera, but I don't like it very much, so I don't use it all that often. When I do, Mrs Yam gives me the stink-eye for holding up whatever we're doing to take pictures. I do like the idea of carrying one around while commuting and getting shots of the interesting things you see on the way. Until then, sate yourself with this. Mine has fenders and is without the beautiful baggage or one of those spiffy HC water bottles...

  • Weighed in last night at Weight Watchers -- I'm now down over 25 pounds since I've started. I've also stopped having the indigestion and other related gastrointestinal difficulties since switching my eating habits.

  • I may have joined Weight Watchers, but I haven't given up beer. We've just gotten this into the liquor store where I work. I highly recommend trying some if you find it.

  • Go to a farmer's market and get some sweet corn NOW! It's in season and you should eat it while it's fresh. To grill corn:
    1. start the grill
    2. when the grill is hot, throw the corn on, husks and all
    3. turn the cobs when the husks scorch a bit
    4. when you smell roasted corn, pull 'em off the grill and let 'em sit a couple of minutes
    5. shuck and enjoy.
    I like mine with fresh lime and chili powder.

See ya after the funeral...


Fritz said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of the in-laws.

New Orleans simply shouldn't be rebuilt. If the fact that building a city that's 17 feet below sea level just doesn't seem plain silly, take a look at the July National Geographic.

bother yam said...

Hey, talk to the Dutch about living under water. It's possible, but you have to perhaps not live in hurricane territory...

rigtenzin said...

The Bleriot looks great.

But no Schmidt hub?

Smudgemo said...

Don't ever give up the beer or go diet beer. It just isn't worth it. Ride more is the best of both worlds.