Friday, May 13, 2011

Biking and Gardening in Minnesota

Your humble narrator apologizes for the lack of updates. Last Tuesday was nearly 90 degrees. The Monday the week before, it was snowing as I rode in to work. Currently it's 50 and raining. I'm trying to start my garden and I'm not really successful.

Anyone have any answers why it's so hard? I really can't imagine any...

I live here and I love it, but I'm not always sure why. Perhaps we're the hippest state in the Union:

A: I have that shirt -- had it for years

B: plus the Minnesota Opera -- the bestest little Opera house in the world

C: 13+ years me and Mrs have been shopping. Their first album was still their best one

D: nice selection, but no 'Mats, no dice. Best band that ever lived.

I: old news, don't care. Didn't care when PDX ruled, won't care when they win next year. I'm still riding my damn bike. So should you. Why are you waiting for $6 gas?

J: nope. So was Fargo. Much better movie. Neither describes us accurately. Come and find out for yourself.

In short, I'm too old for the Hipster Dufii redux in my hometown and I'm not sorry. I'm just sitting on my front porch yellin' "Git offa my yard"

If'n yer in town, stop on by and we'll have a cold one and shoo the youngun's offa the grass...


rigtenzin said...

That's a fun article when taken less than seriously. Don't read the comments below the article. I need to stop reading comments below articles. That's a bit ironic isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Good to see an update.