Monday, December 14, 2009

Bicycle handling clinic

 It snowed last night here in Minneapolis and the streets have taken on the consistency of Bisquick -- the combination of sand and churned, compacted snow create a treacherous riding surface.  I've shod the mountain bike with the Nokians, but studs aren't really all that helpful in this greasy semi-powder.  It's tiring, tricky riding and bouncing from one rut to another is quite a test for one's ability to keep upright and moving forward.  What a long, slow trip it's been...

Santa, baby, it may be difficult to stuff down a chimney, what with the giant tires, put please stuff one of these in my sock this year:


The Old Bag said...

Funny, we wrote the same Dear Santa letter!

Joboo said...

that's funny here too.
Santa is bring me a Pugsley all be it might not be by x-mas, but it could be before new years!!
at least he got my Large Marge wheels before they ran out the other day!!
Here's to Fat tires!!


Snak Shak said...

I bought a used Pug the winter of 2007 and ended up selling it in 2008 to somebody that really wanted to use it for a winter commuter. Now that winter is here again, I find I am regretting that decision somewhat. They look so cool, but I found that I didn't ride it all that much, so it's probably the "right" decision, but if I had unlimited money and storage space, I would have kept that bike for special occasions. Riding down the Creek on it was awesome once, and it totally sucked the second time (snow depth matters a lot). Those tires are not as versatile as you would think.