Wednesday, December 03, 2008


An Incomplete Inventory:

I ride my bike to work, to play, for play. I don't even think about it anymore, I just ride. I grab breakfast and lunch, stuff 'em in the messenger bag and roll out without a second thought. That took a long time (and, possibly, selling the second car), but now it's weird to get a ride in a car or to drive -- I usually ride and me darlin' Mrs drive.

Procrastination. Why do today what can be put of till tomorrow. Any excuse will happily be the scrap I cling to avoid doing what needs to be done. Prioritizing is easy, execution is a bitch.

Making breakfast ahead of time and bringing it to work. I'm usually not hungry when I get up, but after arriving at the office, the familiar knocking comes around in about a half hour. Breakfast is now pretty much the same thing and it is a hot cereal of mixed whole grains: steel-cut oats, barley, wheat berries, wild rice, corn meal, buckwheat, etc. We buy them in bulk and mix 1/4 - 1/2 cup of a grain we have (it varies) into 2 cups of mixed grains and 8 cups liquid (usually a mix of water and skim milk). Put this in a crock pot over night and cook it all on low and you have an inexpensive, wholesome, simple cereal that keeps well and microwaves easily. A handful of raisins and almonds on top and a splash of soy milk and I'm ready. Packaged cereal is a costly joke.

I'm wearing my helmet all the time. I don't like it, but so what.

Talking to people as I ride. Saying hi to everyone is really a pretty neat thing and everyone seems to warm to a person on a bike. Maybe because I don't threaten them with 4,000 pounds of steel, rubber and glass. You'd be surprised how friendly people can be. But, you'd also be surprised at how unfriendly people can be.

I get wound up easily. I'm not as bad as I was, as aging and marriage have calmed me considerably, but the punker/hockey dink/rugger still show up. I'm not ever violent, but it sure can look like it sometimes...

Eating better food. We've cut out most of the junk -- no prepackaged/frozen foods, no huge chain fast food, gardening or shopping at the coop and the farmers' market for vegetables, fruits, whole grains and skipping a lot of stuff we used to have around the house. Not only are we healthier, but it tends to be considerably less expensive. Down side -- you have to cook. Up side -- I get to cook. We have time as we don't watch TV. As an aside, I can't eat a lot of stuff that most folks do now. The Hardee's burger ads make me a bit queasy and too much junk food starts to affect my insides in less than pleasant ways.

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Doug said...

I think I'm at the same place in my life. This is a list that I could have written about myself