Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't get smart with me (or, I've been Dummified!)

Stopped by to see the fine lads at HCHQ and, will any luck see the progress on the next acquisition. Mrs and I stroll in at 7:01 (just opening the door before Jim could slam it and lock us out) and there before my eyes, a nearly-complete Big Dummy.

My nearly-complete Big Dummy...

With the olive-drab color and the sand colored Fat Frank tires, it looks sort of military. Something out of rat patrol, maybe. I need to wear an Aussie Bush hat when I pick it up.

Nah, that'd be dorky. And the Mrs doesn't abide dorky.

Do ya, hon?


mrs. yam said...

You ARE suck a dork.

mrs. yam said...

gah. S U C H

Proof that Brother Yam did not marry me for my typing skills.