Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For Sale

2003 Honda Civic LX. 4 door, 5 speed manual transmission. A/C AM/FM/CD. Dark blue with some cosmetic scratches and dings. Runs well. New tires.

I'll update the miles when I look at the odometer (right now, my guess is ~50,000)

No, there's nothing wrong with it, I just don't drive it and I don't want to pay the upkeep on something that is taking up room on my driveway. I'm gonna buy a Big Dummy and live with one car, two is stupid here in town.

Update: the mileage reading is 51,473 miles. I bought the car with 35,000 on it in February of 2005 and we put 4,000 the next month on a trip to the East Coast. So in three and a half years, I've put 12,000 miles on it.

Oh yeah, gotta have that second car...


Snakebite said...

Good fer you!

Beast1624 said...

I don't blame you. My wife and I have survived quite nicely here in Dallas with one small car for the last year and a half. Insurance and gas are manageable now.

With my commuting to work via bike or motorcycle we haven't missed having a second vehicle.

Reflector Collector said...

That's awesome. My guess is that with gas prices as high as they are, there is probably good demand for economical cars.

Hard to fault the Honda ownership experience. good4u