Sunday, March 02, 2008

End of an era

Saturday was my last shift at the liquor store. I had a good run and I enjoyed the work (mostly), but I need my weekends more than I need the 50 bucks I'd make. Things are busy at my day job and I've been feeling burnt out. My vacation awakened me, refreshed me and allowed me to see that there is more than just working.

I've had fun and it is fun to introduce people to something other than the same old same old. Having someone come back and say that they enjoyed a suggestion is satisfying. I worked with good people and I'll miss them. Sorta. I'll still shop there since Eric is working to get really interesting beers in there every week and I have to see what he manages to bring in. If you like beer, go and look over the selection -- it's not huge, he doesn't get much room to work with -- but it's a fun collection. I don't think he stocks enough Pilsners, but he's not a Pilsner drinker and it's his choice. If you like Belgians and hearty ales (Porters and Stouts), you should check it out.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more riding time, camping time, canoeing time, dog park time and grilling time. More me time. And, now that I'm not working Friday nights, I can join the HC rides Saturday mornings.

Now I just have to get my lungs and legs back. I know I left 'em around here, somewhere. Maybe they're next to OB's fresh legs...


the old bag said...

They were right there on the next shelf over!

rigtenzin said...

I'm glad to hear you'll attend the HC rides. I look forward to meeting you.