Friday, November 30, 2007

Mrs Yam is harder than you are

I had today off (I guess it's a day off though I have to work at the liquor store tonight and I start my week long on-call shift) so while I and the dog were pulling some hard and fast ZZZZs, me darlin' Mrs biked to work. After her fingers thawed enough to type, I got an IM stating (in an exasperated and somewhat agitated tone) the temperature and her opinion of it. As this is a family-oriented blog, I'll leave the actual message received out and allow you think about it for yourselves.

There is a round-robin heated underground parking privileges where Mrs works, and her turn for a spot comes up next month. She passed it up, telling the office manager that she intends to bike throughout the winter. Freaked 'em out good, that did.

Rock on, hon.

Rock on.


iMotor said...

Warning...I'm on call this weekend too. My on-calls have been sucky. You might be hearing from me.

We're going to see the Auto Body Experience on Saturday night. We'd love to see you guys there.


bother yam said...

Mine have sucked as well, adding to my overall grumpiness level. The Mrs is working at the Cedar tomorrow night and I'm not sure what I'll be up to.

WheelDancer said...

Good for the Mrs. I've only missed one day this fall and it was because I broke my arm in a crash the previous day so I don't know who's harder but it seems to me that bike commuting is not as hard as folks think it is. You might have to think a bit more but since when is thinking bad?

Rock on indeed!

Pete said...

Go Mrs!

Lunatic Biker said...

Good job boy, I've made mine into a winter commuter too. Now buy her more warm stuff for Christmas.

The donut guy said...

Your wife is *definitely* tougher then I am.

Good for her.