Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maybe Gear Fetishists Have A Point

I'm back. I'm riding to work again and I've gotten an actual, real-live biking jacket, er, shell. I have to say that I'm impressed with the thought that went into it, snug where it should be and loose where it needs to be. Vented, windproof -- it was about 45 degrees this morning when I rode, so keeping the wind off was good -- light and really, really bright green.

The traffic on 66th and on Penn gave me wide berth this morning and I think that the green had a lot to do with it. Even the old, tired eyes of Richfield can see me in this...

My time is pretty good, but I forgot to reset the trip odo, so I don't know how long exactly it took. The wind was at my back for most of the trip and the cool air felt good.

I forgot how much I like biking...

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