Monday, August 14, 2006

Damn rim...


While biking home for lunch, I broke a spoke and the rim went way out of true. I had a broken spoke already and I was hoping that I could get through until my class at Freewheel to fix it. I made it home, but I had to drive back. Oh, the pain, the pain...

Weigh-in tonight, so I guess I'll try jogging there. Oh man, the indignity of it all. I hope I can get my first 25 pounds, because I am so all over that magnet.

I'll take it in to Freewheel and have them rebuild it and this time I'm going to use the double-walled rim. One problem with being a fatboy and biking is that the stresses of typical riding are exacerbated when there is excess stress on the components due to the addition of panniers and contents and the rider's, um, overabundant girth. Fatboy has broken his rear rim twice now and it's getting old, not to say expensive. I've never built a wheel, so I can't do anything myself at this time, but I hope to add the skills neccesary in the future.

I guess this is as good a time to inventory the maintenance I need to do on the bike:
  1. Fix the damn rim -- ain't nobody goin' nowhere 'til that's done.
  2. The CreakyCrank(tm). Annoying as hell and I'm beginning to fear I'm going to lose a pedal.
  3. The seat. I have a suspension seatpost and the squeaks and groans.

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